About the Conference

At the commencement of the new academic year, the HCT Fall Conference is a timely opportunity to share new concepts, directions and initiatives that we will embark upon in the coming year.

These will include the roll out of student-centred, cutting edge Innovation Spaces in three campuses, with others to follow.

We will also share details on the newly created General Academic Requirements Division, which integrates Foundations and General Studies into one dedicated entity.

We will gain further awareness of the professional certification courses HCT has launched when we hear from industry and HCT leaders on the topic of embedding these qualifications in our curriculum.

As higher education increasingly looks to global trends and influences we will have the privilege of being enriched by the experiences of Canada’s venerable Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

This Fall Conference promises to be a fruitful, enlightening and uplifting experience for all involved, as we continue on this journey of HCT 2.0.