ABRA Business Research Awards


To further promote and honor excellence in research, the HCT Business Division will introduce annual awards that recognize and reward faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to research in the field of business. The awards will be presented every year during a Spring business conference specifically set aside to recognize the superior works published in the preceding year. The award recognizes faculty members who have distinguished themselves among their peers both within and outside the HCT. The title is awarded through a process of nomination and external peer review and identifies those holding it as outstanding members of their profession. The objectives of the incentive are to show appreciation for recently published efforts and to provide compensation for research activities performed by faculty, who meet their task goals and still contribute quality research. For the faculty members recognized plaques will be awarded along with a monetary award. The tangible value of each Award is 10,000 AED, or a 3 credit course release in one semester.
The initiative is aimed at:

• Recognizing and encouraging faculty research and scholarship, increasing faculty publication through awarding the best research output.
• Optimizing the discoverability of faculty research through awards, conferences, online repositories, journal citation reports, website and social media channels, to enhance its visibility, citation rate and impact.
• Providing an enabling research environment to the faculty and student body in order to remain both research-active and competitive.

All HCT Business Faculty in all rankings may be nominated for either award.

Nomination process:
1. Faculty are nominated for the ABRA by a respective Division Chair (max 3 nominations per campus) by the end of January. The nomination must include a research statement written by the faculty being nominated as well as his/her most up-to-date CV and a copy of the published work.
2. The award is given in two categories: research paper (2 awards) and book (1 award)
3. The nominated paper/book needs to meet at least four the following conditions:
• The research paper was published in a Scopus indexed journal in the preceding year.
• The book was published by a reputable publishing house in the preceding year.
• The paper/book makes a significant contribution into the field. (i.e. number of citations, adoption of the book as a textbook by an institution of higher learning, etc.)
• The author (faculty member) is demonstrating distinction in their own research (serving as a reviewer or editor, training junior researchers, etc.) and leadership in the HCT’s overall research efforts (with quantifiable impact, e.g. h-index)
• The faculty member is the first author of the paper/book
• The faculty member successfully involved at least one student from the business department in his/her research

Review process:
Recipients of both awards will be selected by the Applied Education and Research Committee members (supported by external reviewers) and are to be approved by the Executive Dean. The Committee has the option of declining to make either or both of the awards in a given year if, in its judgment, no nomination is sufficiently compelling.

1st March 2020.