The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. The success of any business is based on how it embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The previous industrial revolutions were mechanization, mass production and rise of digital technology. The Fourth Industrial Revolution also known as Industry 4.0 is based on optimizing the digital revolution of the third industrial revolution. Thus the main pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Digital Transformation. This successful business model is based on digital transformation in order to connect people data and processes to create value. Digital Transformation is ‘characterised by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres, this new era will create new services that link people together and enable them to do more’ (Microsoft President). This digital transformation is driven by data, cloud and analytics.

The business environment has been transformed and the businesses are either in denial or capturing the opportunities of Industry 4.0 Those in denial are of course not going to survive but those seeking opportunities are being swamp by a high volume of data which are to be used to become more efficient, effective and competitive. The main drivers have been Customer value creation, growth rates and market values, just to mention a few. In a recent article, Forbes magazine described how businesses around the world have been able to optimize operations through internet of things and the cloud, robots and other technologies to become smarter and thus increase profits. The impact of Industry 4.0 on the global business environment is very dynamic and in order for businesses to embrace the digital business model businesses have to be innovative, creative and at the same time need to use a very different skills set. This model is based on integrating and creating skills that are sustainable and flexible.

This Conference is based on creating a reflection and debate on the businesses are organized and structuring themselves to fit into Industry 4.0. The objective is to research and discuss the Industry 4.0 and its disruptive business model in the fields of Analytics, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Human Resources, Tourism, Quality, Accounting and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We are expecting renowned keynote speakers from Canada, Europe and the USA. Researchers from local and international academic institutions are expected to deliver their research and working papers under nine tracks: Accounting, Business Analytics. Finance, Logistics and supply chain, Tourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Quality.