Engineers create the fabric of society, whether the buildings we live and work in, the energy that powers our world, the transport networks, or the technologies doctors use to diagnose, treat and cure diseases. As with medicine, engineering expertise only comes with practice, by means of exposure to real-world dilemmas and techniques for addressing them. It is practice that enables an engineer to learn another crucial core skill – to think strategically about the whole picture, while keeping an eye on the detail.

A review of the engineering profession reveals a number of vexing questions, such as:

  • What must an engineer know and do in order to be effective in the professional engineering practice, and successful in solving the future challenges of our societies?
  • How engineering education will have to change to develop an understanding as to how advances in technology affect society?
  • How society determines which new technologies will be developed?

Engineering educators, students, engineers, scientists and corporate leaders from the UAE and abroad will gather on April 6, 2017 at the HCT-Dubai Men’s campus to discuss how to enhance student engagement in engineering education at the Engineering the Future 2017 Symposium.

Organizing Committee:
Innovation & Applied Research Committee
Division of Engineering Technology & Science

General Chair:
Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi
HCT Vice Chancellor

Organizing Chair:
Dr Mohammad Aljarrah
Executive Dean, Division of Engineering Technology & Science